Our Mission: 

Thread Coffee Roasters is a women and queer employee-owned coffee roasting company based in Baltimore, Maryland. Many social movements around the world have turned to coffee production to sustain their dignity and autonomy; we stand in solidarity with these farmers by sourcing and roasting with a transparent model of trade.  In our city and far away, we support other democratically-run organizations fighting for a better world. 


We source coffee using a model of transparent trade that goes beyond fair trade. We work to build a more sustainable model of coffee trade by paying higher prices to farmers, building direct trade relationships with coffee farmers, and supporting organic and sustainable growing practices. 
Our coffee sourcing is based on a model of dignity and solidarity that promotes gender equality, sustainability and direct democracy. We buy organic fair trade coffees directly from farmers who we stand in solidarity with worldwide. From indigenous farmers in Colombia to smallholder farmers in Ethiopia, check out our www.fairtradeproof.org for all our relationship coffees.
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