Why choose Thread Coffee for your cafe or retail store?



We roast every batch to order, in small batches, to ensure that you receive the freshest possible coffee that will be at its peak flavor when it makes it to your cafe, store, office, or doorstep. Why does freshness matter? Try a cup and find out just what we mean!


We have a highly trained and experienced training team who offers customized trainings to help you and your workers provide the best coffee to your customers. Whether you want to learn how to pull the best espresso shot, make latte art, or simply how to brew the best pot of drip coffee, we have you covered! We’ll come to you and provide a personalized training on your own equipment in your own cafe, so you can confidently provide your customers with the best coffee.


Fresh, quality coffee is only the first step. Next comes preparing the perfect cup. We’ll help you source the finest equipment (espresso machines, grinders, brewers and cold brew systems) that will bring out the best in every cup of Thread Coffee.


In addition to delicious coffee, we bring you super-ethical coffee. Thread goes above and beyond fair trade standards to provide a model of trade that is more than just a logo. More and more farmers are expressing that fair trade minimum standards are not, in fact, fair. Thread strives to build a better model by:

  • paying higher prices than the fair trade minimum
  • establishing long-term, direct relationships with farmers
  • supporting practices that protect the environment and culture
  • making a commitment to participatory democracy and collective structure, both here in the workplace and with the farmers

Contact us at thread@threadcoffee.com for more information or to setup a cupping.