Learn how to brew the perfect cup of coffee at home every time.

Coffee recipes for every popular home brew method.

Everyday there are millions of Google searches for recipes. The perfect cup of coffee isn’t magic, it’s science. The recipes below use coffee extraction methods to achieve the perfect cup of coffee every time. For pour overs and Chemex, we use a coffee to water ratio of 1:16. That means for every one gram of water we use one gram of coffee. Just like all scientific experiments, using a set of adjustable variables will help you dial-in the perfect brew. Every coffee brews a little differently. Experiment by changing one variable at a time until you get the perfect balance of bitter, acid and sweetness. Try to taste for the Thread Coffee tasting notes found on our bags. The tasting notes represent flavour, acidity, and body. 


Coffee to Water Ratio (we start with 1:16)

Water Temperature (we start with 205 degrees)

Coffee Grind Size (fine to coarse depending on time)

Brew Time (1:30-5 mins)  (cold brew 12-24 hours)

Chemex (Serves 2)

Grind 50 grams of coffee medium coarse

Prep filter with hot water

Place ground coffee in Chemex and gently shake to level bed of grounds

Pour 100 grams of hot water in a circular motion to cover the grounds and allow 30 seconds for the bloom 

Pour an additional 100 grams of water at 30 second intervals 

Continue pulse brewing until you reach 800 grams of water

All water should be added by 4 minutes

Total brew time should come under 5 minutes

Pour Over

Grind 23 grams of coffee medium fine 

Prep filter with hot water

Add the coffee to the filter and gently shake to level bed of grounds

Pour 50 grams of boiled water in a circular motion to cover the grounds 

Allow 30 seconds for the bloom 

Pour an additional 100 grams of water 

Pour an additional 100 grams of water at 1:15

Pour the final 100 grams of water at 2 minutes and let drain completely 

The final weight should be approximately 350 grams of water and it should take about 3- 4 minutes to have a finished cup

French Press (Serves 2)

Grind 60 grams of coffee coarse 

Pour 120 grams of boiled water and stir to saturate the grounds evenly 

Allow it to bloom for 30 seconds

Pour the remaining water, total 700 grams allow it to sit for 4 minutes 

Pour the coffee as soon as its finished brew to avoid over extraction 

Aeropress (Inverted Brew)

Grind 17 grams of coffee just slightly coarser than espresso

Bring water to 195 degrees Fahrenheit 

Prep filter by wetting it with hot water

Add coffee to brew chamber 

Stir to saturate the grounds allow to bloom 30 seconds

Add the plunger and basket with wet filter, let sit for 1:15 

Flip and plunge into mug

Add additional hot water to taste

Flash brew — Japanese Style Iced Coffee — V60 Pour Over

Grind 23 grams of coffee slightly finer than for pour over 

Add 200 grams ice to mug 

Wet filter with hot water to get rid of any paper taste and warm the V60 

Add the coffee to the filter and gently shake to level bed of grounds

Add 50 grams of water 

Allow 30 seconds for bloom

Pour 50 grams every 30 seconds until you reach 200-215 grams of water

Allow to drain completely 

Swirl to mix and cool down the coffee completely 

Moka Pot — Stovetop Espresso 

Grind 18 grams of coffee fine to medium fine

Pre-boil 150 grams of water 

Once the water is boiled add it to the bottom chamber

Add the coffee to the basket and screw on the collecting chamber

Place on stove to bring the water to a boil

Allow the collecting chamber to fill until the coffee turns a caramel color 

Once the coffee is finished brewing run the bottom chamber under cool water to stop the process and prevent burning the coffee

Cold Brew — Toddy Home Brewer

Grind a 12oz bag of coffee coarsest grind 

Prep 7 cups of cold filtered water

Insert stopper into brew chamber and place felt filter into the bottom of brew basket

Pour coffee grounds into Toddy paper filter and place in brew chamber

Cover with 3.5 cups of cold filtered water

Stir to saturate all grounds

Pour remaining 3.5 cups of water to cover

GIve a final stir to ensure total saturation

Cover and place aside to brew at room temperature 12 hours

Remove stopper and allow cold brew concentrate to flow completely into glass decanter

We recommend a dilution of 1:1 with cold filtered water 

Serve over ice 

What is Decaf Coffee?

All of our decaf coffees are Mountain Water Processed in an organic certified facility. This decaffeination process involves a series of water baths with organic compounds that extract caffeine from the beans. Decaf coffee can have more water density due to the beans continued contact with water before a final drying phase.

This process and water density is most present during the roasting process. We use a combination of archived roast data and quality assurance tastings to ensure our decaf coffee tastes as great as any of our caffeinated coffees.

Enjoy decaf coffee with any of our brew recipes. We roast our decaf coffees to taste great in every brew recipe above.

The Coffee Taster's Wheel

How to Taste Coffee

Have you ever wondered what the tasting notes on bags of coffee really mean? For us at Thread Coffee, we taste for the following attributes in our quality assurance program:

  • Aroma
  • Flavor
  • Acidity
  • Body
  • Finish

We smell the aroma from the freshly ground coffee, then taste for flavor, acidity, body and finish. 

Our tasting notes generally indicate flavor, acidity and body. 

We use the flavor wheel to pinpoint exact flavors of acidity, such as the acidity found in a lemon versus the acidity found in a pineapple. Some coffees have more sweetness while others are rich and buttery in mouthfeel. 

For our final notes, we always indicate the finish. Does it leave your mouth watering? Is it dry? Does the flavor linger? 

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